Thursday, 4 August 2011

Barcelona: Gaudí!

The day starts––how else?––with Starbucks all around, strategically located only a short block from our Hotel Lleo in Barcelona.

Alan, your cover is blown, big time! You're enjoying it, aren't you?

By subway, bus and foot we explore Barcelona, starting with a morning jaunt to Parc Guell, one of the masterpieces by architect Antonio Gaudí which so distinguishes Barcelona from all other cities.

Leona masters the Metro.

Wendi and Leona at Parc Guell

Gaudí must have planned his tile mosaic with Alan in mind.

A short bus ride later, and we're on the roof of Casa Mila, one of Gaudí's showcase homes.

We picked Spain as a destination because Leona is interested in architecture, and there is no architect quite like Gaudí.

After a break (let's see... did we have a break?) we jumped on the funicular for a run up Montjuic, which overlooks the port of Barcelona and houses the Joan Miró art museum, among other attractions.

Wendi and Leona on the funicular. Luckily the rain stopped!

We overshot our goal, the Miró museum, but that meant we were able to enjoy the spectacular sidewalks that lace through Montjuic's parks.

A side street near our hotel had little restaurants and panaderías––bakeries––where indulgence ruled.

Leona is entrusted with the job of toting dinner back to the hotel.

I have lots of photos of the sights themselves––the splendid Gaudí buildings and park––and will be putting some of that on my regular blog. This one is for family! 

Leona and Wendi, please contribute some of your masterpieces! And, everyone, you no doubt have noticed that our family blog has been languishing. I'd love to see some of your photos and read of your adventures, too. Please send stuff along! 

More is coming on our days in the Pyrenees and Madrid!

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