Thursday, 22 July 2010


This is going to be fun! We can really keep up with each other's interesting doings, if you will each accept an invitation to be an author on the family blog. (It may require signing up for a gmail account, but first let's try the email address you most would like to use.)

To start with what Alan and I are up to, we leave early tomorrow morning for Lake City, with our good friend Noel. We'll be visiting Brandon, Kenzie, Torin, and later Lisa, and roaming those San Juan Mountains that have been so much a part of our early lives for several of us. Butterflies will be a big focus. The high Rockies have exquisite species.

Mine above Carson Ghost Town, Colorado

Kenzie, Torin & Brandon at Carson

Ridge between Carson and Lost Trail Creek

Carson Ghost Town, San Juan Mountains
(Photos by Narca)

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