Monday, 2 August 2010

Colorado Adventures

Hi All! Alan and I (with our friend Noel, whom many of you know) just returned from our trip to Lake City, where we enjoyed sharing the high mountains once again with Brandon, Aimee, Kenzie, Torin, and Lisa. (Missed Kelly by only a day--she's there now, celebrating her 50th birthday!)

At Brandon's house in Lake City

I've started posting details with photos on my other blog, so please check there to see, for instance, pictures of the two wonderful foxes (a Silver Fox and a Cross Fox) which Torin spotted at Engineer Pass. Also you'll soon be able to see photos of the Grail Butterfly––the Lustrous Copper, for which we've searched for years! Now that called for ice cream.

Cinco at American Flats

Please post what you've been doing too. For one thing, Milo lost his first tooth, and Hollin needs to tell us all about the tooth fairy's visit in these modern times!

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